At Bridges Brown Interiors, we design timeless spaces that radiate rest and relaxation.

Contemporary Hallway
Contemporary Living Room Texas

Our expertise lies in weaving together seamless design elements through an innovative and highly-personalized process, creating modern, cohesive spaces full of distinctive details. The juxtaposition of Jeremy’s and Cody’s strengths and personalities creates a harmonious team that can do it all.

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Meet the Team

At Bridges Brown Interiors, you get the expertise of two visionary designers that share a commitment to service, holistic living and environments that inspire, energize and heal.

cody brown

Cody is passionate about transforming spaces into harmonious sanctuaries where beauty meets function.

His expertise in the art of weaving textiles into the very fabric of a room can turn any space into a tapestry of textures. From sumptuous silks to cozy wools, he creates environments that appeal to both the senses and the soul. An expert in color theory, Cody selects and combines colors that evoke emotions, set moods, and enhance the energy of a space.

A firm believer in holistic living, Cody is committed to creating well-designed spaces that promote physical, mental, and emotional well being. Sustainability and mindfulness are woven into every project, ensuring that the environment and its inhabitants thrive together. Cody creates spaces that nurtures your senses and align with your holistic lifestyle.

Cody Brown

jeremy bridges

Jeremy is a visionary interior designer and architectural connoisseur, and each project is an opportunity to sculpt an environment that seamlessly integrates with the structural marvels of our built world. Blending form with function, Jeremy orchestrates spaces that sing in harmony with your lifestyle.

His space planning process ensures every square inch serves a purpose, creating a symphony of utility and aesthetics. As a master of interior finishes and with a fascination for stone, he loves to work with materials that tell a unique story and add natural wonders to each space.

Jeremy infuses warmth and character into spaces to create interiors that invite touch and evoke emotion. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of design ensures an experience that’s unique and tailored to each project.

Jeremy Bridges