How We Work

Bridges Brown Interiors specializes in full-service interior design that reflect each client’s individual lifestyle and embrace the context of their surroundings.

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Dining Room Design

We create cohesive interiors that exude a relaxed but refined aesthetic, intentionally designed for exactly how our clients want to live. With exacting attention to each detail, we guide you from concept to completion for a home that inspires your days.

nothing goes untouched in a bbi space

Our services include:

  • Full-scale residential interior design
  • Collaboration with architects, builders, and contractors
  • Space planning
  • Selection of architectural details and finishes
  • Styling & decorating with custom furnishings, fabrics, and accessories
  • Collaboration on exterior landscape

Our Process

We believe that by getting to know you on a personal level, the path to creating a personalized home design unfolds organically. While each project is tailored to your goals, our collaborative process ensures that our work together is organized and efficient.

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Phase 1

We meet with you to see the project site and discuss your desired outcome, style, and budget. At this time, we will assess if we are a good fit to work together and make sure our timelines are aligned.

Dining space

Phase 2

We will present our initial design direction based on our findings and discussions from our first meeting. This design direction gives you an understanding of what we visualize for the project and how we see you best living in these spaces. If any changes to our design direction are necessary, we will take that into consideration for a perfectly tailored design created for your project.


Phase 3

Design development begins where we hone in on details, custom designs, colors and the elements that make your project unique. Taking into account what you loved from our Phase II meeting and any changes or additions we’ve discussed, we present the exact plans we’ve carefully curated to fit your lifestyle, project and budget.

Kitchen Design

phase 4

Order placement begins, workrooms receive fabrics, collaborations with artists, vendors and contractors are lined up and working. The project is coming to life, and we are managing all the schedules and details so you can continue your life with as few disturbances as possible.

Bathroom design

phase 5

Your project is nearly complete. We bring in any final touches or additions you may want. We install any outstanding items and invite you in for a big reveal. At this point we’re friends, so let’s cheers to your new, beautiful home.

Bedroom Design