Nestled in the neighborhood of Highland Park, Texas, this contemporary townhome offers interior design that blends texture and clean lines, creating a timeless and sophisticated living space. 

The color palette is a soothing combination of neutrals, with subtle pops of blue tones to add warmth and depth. 

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contemporary living and dining room
highland park interior design
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Throughout the home, the use of organic fabrics, such as linen and cotton, created a sense of comfort and a connection to nature. Plush, textural rugs the bedrooms and living areas add softness and visual interest to the natural toned white oak flooring. 

contemporary living room design highland park
books and painting
contemporary dining room

The seamless flow of spaces and the use of natural materials create a sense of cohesion and tranquility. Greenery and thoughtfully placed artwork add a touch of artistry to the design. This home is designed with contemporary furnishings and textural interest to create a timeless, inviting, and serene living space that complements the prestigious location. 

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highland park bedroom design
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